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Singin Success workshops combine think tank and discussion sessions, informal lecturing, question and answer sessions, lyric writing, song recording and song performances. Participants work together, assisted and guided by professional musicians, trainers or other relevant specialists to discuss the topic being covered, to write relevant song lyrics as a group, to perform and then record the final song.


We focus on using music, songwriting and production as a medium to engage with and teach participants new skills. The workshops enable participants to grow in confidence, to develop and communicate their ideas through debate and songwriting, to engage with the subject matter and to feel a sense of achievement from performing and recording material they have created.

As well as learning the desired outcomes that are determined by our clients, participants gain a host of soft outcomes during the workshops and our main aim is always to empower participants to believe they can achieve through increased self-confidence, self-belief and stronger communication and interpersonal skills.


The workshops promote and encourage a range of transferrable skills such as:

  • The ability to work as part of a team.

  • The ability to solve problems in a creative manner.

  • The ability to work to a strict deadline.

  • Organisational skills.

  • Communication skills.

  • Presentation skills.

  • Leadership qualities.

  • Public speaking experience

  • Performance skills.

  • The ability to transcribe thoughts and opinions into meaningful writing and song lyrics.


Almost everyone can enjoy music in one way or another. Music is a fantastic tool for breaking down social barriers and raising confidence, and best of all, it is accessible to all.  


We neither expect nor require any previous singing or music production experience. The various technologies and instruments used in sessions enable music making activities to be accessible to all participants.


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