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We were contacted by Peter Alan Estate Agents, South Wales’ largest estate agency, to deliver workshops to help their staff members understand, buy-into and engage with their new customer service procedure called the 212° Red Hot Challenge.


The priority was to ensure the key concepts, proposals and business ideas were fully explored and that staff were fully versed on the importance of, the main features and the effective delivery of the procedural changes implemented. As with all of our workshops, we also ensure to introduce as many opportunities to develop interpersonal and other soft skills as part of our approach to the main objectives set out by the client.

Workshop Objectives:


  • To embed the “212 º” philosophy into staff using a fun, effective delivery model.

  • To improve the group dynamics of teams (team-building).

  • To ensure staff implement the “212 º” ethos in their everyday working life to bring benefits to the company, customers, and fellow team members.


Workshop activities:

  • Think-tank and idea harvesting sessions

  • Group discussion and debate on what information is seen as essential to include in the final product.

  • Mapping of key points into a structure for the development of song lyrics.

  • Performance and recording of the song with assistance of professional musicians and producers.

Here’s just a sample of the comments Peter Alan Estate Agent and their staff made about our workshop and about SingIn Success:


“Had an amazing day, brought the extrovert out of an introvert. Made me re-focus on what the company is all about.”



“What a fun inspiring day! Great team work made exciting by creating a song to get across our customer focus philosophy much better than just endless PowerPoint slides. A real confidence builder with a twist of ending up with our very own song. Awesome thanks.”



“A fantastic experience for everyone, where the most introverted of people shine brightest!”

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